The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) 5 ways to protect yourself

The narcissistic personality whether a man or a woman as recent statistical reports, is one of the most difficult personalities you can deal with in your life, as this disorder is complicated and it's difficult to understand the narcissistic personality as he needs to be treated with a different way. This disorder is one of the most dangerous disorders.
The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Why is this disorder so difficult? Because the person with the narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) has five diagnostic problems (symptoms):

First disorder problem: The narcissistic personality characterized that he sees only himself and his admiration to it and he not care about others, whether you or anyone else around him, even if he is very close to him, he sees himself first and last.

Symptoms of The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

Second disorder problem: this narcissistic personality see himself as great and reduces others, so he is not satisfied with being conceited or arrogant, but rather he sees himself as a very wonderful person with a wonderful personality and therefore he excessive in reducing all the people close to him or with whom he deals.

Third disorder problem: this personality with narcissism as his diagnostic does not see at all his faults or faults, as he sees himself always right and all advantages and never wrong and great personality.

Narcissism diagnostic personality

Fourth disorder problem: this personality is stubborn and does not  often back down, and even if he discovers that he is wrong, he knows in his heart that the things he says or does are very wrong and incorrect, but at the same time his stubbornness makes him continue to do them despite it being wrong and he will never admit that as he doesn’t have sense.

Fifth disorder problem: this personality with the narcissism does not have any problem to harm you in exchange for being happy, because as we agreed at the beginning that in this mental problem he only sees himself and does not care about you, does he offend you? Are you in pain? This does not interest him at all.

And to be able to deal with the narcissistic personality or the arrogant people or whose focus is too much on the self.

Five ways you need to protect yourself from people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD):

 First: You must give yourself the same amount of greatness in front of this personality, because if you do not make him feel that you are proud of yourself and confident of yourself, in this mental problem he will begin to diminish you and begin his arrogance over you.

Second: Work to make his image vibrate when you find that his pattern with you has become very bad. Keep in mind that what a narcissistic personality hates the most is criticism. When you criticize him in his thoughts, in his behavior, in his personality or in his personal appearance, this will cause him great sadness, anger and pain, and he will not accept that at all because he sees himself as an ideal personality.

what characterized Narcissism

Third: Never wait for him to understand because his mind leaks to see others better than him. The biggest mistake is to wait for this personality to understand that he has narcissistic personality disorder and wrong and that he is bad for you. This is not true at all and he will not understand him because he does not see the basis of this and he will believe that he has a narcissistic disorder (NPD) and it doesn't make sense to him. Therefore you must tell him about his problems very clearly so that he addresses them if this personality wants to deal with you without reducing From you and practicing his narcissism on you, you must impose your style on him and not wait for it to be understood, so you must explain to him in a clear and frank manner that he is offending you because he is not balanced.
Fourth: Be clear and be serious with people with the narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Do not insinuate. Try to tell him the things that can result in his approach with you, such as that you will not complete your life with him, as there are problems that you can overcome with some people unless the person has narcissistic disorder.
Fifth: If you do not want to lose that person with narcissistic personality disorder because of your attachment to him or may be his importance to you, you must have compassion and empathy on him and understand that he is sick with a narcissistic personality disorder so that you can accept his provocative manner for you or the best solution is to remove him from your life permanently because it's one of the difficult disorders that you can't afford.
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