Energy suckers Vampires 7 signs of Energy Vampires

Who are the energy suckers (Vampires)? 

You may have read or heard the existence of such people in your life, they are people you meet and when you standby them you always feel lethargic and sudden fatigue and low energy and don power when talking and being with them You start to be lazy and heavy and you cannot do anything meaningful or move from your place and always detect yourself lethargy, distress and depression if they are with you because your spiritual power was sucked by them .These are called energy thieves (Vampires) or suckers who suck and drain your power.

Energy Suckers (Vampires)

Physical signs of energy Vampires (Suckers):-

First sign of Energy Vampire: this sucker has many questions and always seeks excessive attention from you, and they have excessive selfishness and do not care about what he wants around them as they are sick psychic.

Who are the energy suckers (vampires)?

Second sign of Energy Vampire: They hold you responsible for their condition or failure always, and they seek to get constant and continuous attention, sympathy from you and to effect on your emotional feeling. 

 Third sign of Energy Vampire: They like to exaggerate matters and exaggerate them so that they are among the first of your concerns and you have to exert all your efforts to satisfy them in any way.

Fourth sign of Energy Vampire: They are constantly complaining and grumbling about their life.

Fifth sign of Energy Vampire: This sick psychic is very urgent and do not understand at all the word (no) and do not always think of themselves except in the first place and do not evaluate any weight or concern for what others want or for the needs of others as they are like appliances which absorb you .

 Sixth sign of Energy Vampire: They have vanity, absolute stubbornness, self-esteem and opinion, as if no one ever understands anything else.

Energy Vampires drain your soul

Seventh sign of Energy Vampire: They love domination and control all your emotional feelings and thus follow its strategy. These vampires either make you afraid of them because of what this person might do, or even they make you fear them continuously.

 These signs are signs of energy thieves (vampires) and so-named as suckers.

7 signs of (Energy suckers)

People expect that this talk is metaphorical, but in fact it carries a great spiritual crack. When you are sucked by these vampires, they not only suck your vital energy, but also steal your spirit and your time. This energy vampires feed on your vital energy with your personal energy and spiritual energy as if they are a tremendous magnet that absorbs all the energy that comes from you so you always notice yourself drained and lethargic and Clumsiness, laziness, depression, and distress if you are with them or talking to them.
The matter is not only metaphorical because this people are energy thieves (vampires), but they are known as spiritual thieves of energy, often energy vampires have spiritual signs or have spiritual symptoms, either a very strong and domineering companion or other symptoms such as magic. These people do not benefit with any treatment, the more time you spend With them, whenever they feed on your personal and spiritual energy continuously and permanently, and thus you give them a boost in this life, they are just like parasites that absorb your energy and steal your energy constantly, so your life is consumed for them and lost in the cycle of their lives without doing anything for your benefit or without even developing for a positive better life.
 I had spent a period expecting that these words were just metaphorical words. I personally, through my experience, I met a number of these people and I was not standby them, but for you my only advice is to stay away from as much as possible or try to make your interview and your presence with them in the narrowest boundaries because the more you stick or stick to these people in your life You will never progress back.
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