Dinosaurs are one of the great natural science lies

If someone tells you that he has found a hospital for a flying elephant, you will be angry and shout loudly and tell him "It's a lie".

This is a very old story that writer Mark Twain summed up in words and said, "Deceiving people is a thousand times easier than telling them that they are deceived."

None of us deny, over time, prehistoric the fact that they lived on the earth creatures and monsters that only God knows about, but when someone comes to you and says that he discovered museums, they went back to more than a hundred million years to prove the myths of natural evolution; Here you should think for once in your life.

Dinosaurs history great lie

What is the truth about the vicious remnants that are revealed each time in a theatrical performance?

Indeed, what are great mysteries about the dinosaurs that appeared in the fairy tales before their announcement?

What is the story of the fake archaeological digs of creatures and creatures that became known in the big National scandal?

We will turn the pages in front of you on a secret side of paleontology to reveal things that are not displayed on the screens, from the age of discoveries to the hidden goal of them, to tell you the great lie of history and the image that deceived everyone.

Creatures lived and lived on this great earth that only God knows. This is a basic truth that no rational or believing person can deny. But based on this established fact a cunning way emerged to change the facts and make the imagination a reality. 

Its best tools were very simple:

  1. Relying first on abysmal time figures, any investigation behind it has been stopped.
  2. ) Secondly by falsifying museums.

After that, everything becomes a certain fact as long as the research is attached to the word of scientists and displayed in-home displays.

 Dinosaurs only appeared for the first time nowadays and have been established in minds, from children's programs to adult films, to documentaries, research papers, and magazines.

Dinosaur lie

 The beginning of the word dinosaur in history:

Before beginning to understand the topic of archaeological museums, their objectives, and the reason for their entrenchment in minds, we must first return to the beginning of the emergence of the word dinosaur.

 In 1842 AD, the English paleontologist Alsier Richard invented the name of a dinosaur as a reference to the giant reptile family. The term was derived from the Greek word: "Dynus", which means great or strong in Greek, and the word "sorus" which means reptile, meaning that the term dinosaur means reptile. Mighty, gigantic, or terrifying.

Dinosaurs are known in their history books as a variety of extinct vertebrate animals that lived for one hundred and sixty million years, specifically from two hundred and thirty million years until a year until the end of the alleged Cretaceous period in the year sixty-five million years.

But do not ask how they knew and determined this date accurately because they are scientists, and I learned in schools when you hear their name, you must believe it without any questions, and for the curious, they will tell you by radiocarbon, so to prove something unproven, you use real scientific tools on imaginary things and the power of interests. Scientific and intricate details with historical depth will make you believe everything without thinking.

 The beginning of the announcement of the discovery of giant reptiles:

The first talk about giant reptiles, which are known today as dinosaurs, began in the early nineteenth century, specifically in the Victorian era of the United Kingdom, which claimed to have found fossils of giant animals on its lands and in the American continent that was still under its control at that time. And in 1934 AD, the dinosaurs were scientifically described and their shapes were accurately drawn despite the lack of technical or fossil development at that time, but everything was brought up on a quiet fire and hidden goals would be revealed after a while.

Exhibits of the garden of the Crystal Palace in London :

 In 1854 AD, the statues of dinosaurs appeared in the general culture for the first time in England when they were exhibited in the garden of the Crystal Palace in London, where these sculptures were so popular that the trade-in miniature statues of them was a profitable trade at that time and dinosaur exhibitions were opened in parks and museums around The world, but do not ask how they came into its forms, the imagination is wide and the sculptors are skilled, and during the previous decades these shapes were devoted to washing the minds of future generations excitingly, but the secret goal was not known at that time.

When European merchants sensed the increasing popularity of dinosaurs, they funded exploration expeditions in various regions of the world, and after that, human bones were found Gigantic, specifically in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, but it was announced at the time that they were dinosaur bones that lived within the life of the herd.

At that time, searching for bones was like searching for gold, and it did not matter which bone it was. Everyone became called dinosaur bones, using the leg bones and the rib cage and getting rid of the rest and carving the rest of the other shapes, and this matter prompted museums to compete with each other to display the largest number Of fossils for the commoners and a profit equal to that of the original gold.

 Conflicting alleged facts that the continents were one continent:

The funny thing is that they assert that the continents were a single continent separated from each other over millions of years, meaning that the great continent moved and separated from its place, so how can bones remain grouped within an ocean that does not exceed tens of meters and remain without decomposition for hundreds of millions of years, according to their claim, the answer Simple, because each of the division of continents and dinosaurs has no basis for them, and also according to their scientists saying that petroleum is from the remains of animals buried underground and by the action of natural pressure and natural heat these remains turn into petroleum and it takes millions of years and always noted the same historical dimension is used by saying Millions of years.

dinosaurs one of the best natural science lies

So why do you get 90 percent of their dinosaur fossils discovered in America and Western countries only, knowing that at the beginning of the twentieth century, many excavation missions took place in the Gulf and Iraq, which are the largest oil gates in the world? So why if no pet dinosaur was discovered there? The simple answer is because trade is Dinosaurs were popular in Western countries, and the remains of plants, animals, and fossils have nothing to do with the formation of oil that is inexhaustible in the first place, but if this fact is revealed, oil prices collapse just as it did a year ago.

The beginning of doubts about the reality of the dinosaur fossils:

Doubts began to appear in Western countries at the beginning of the twenty-fourth century about the truth of dinosaur fossils, so a group consisting of a group of students in paleontology requested samples of dinosaur bones from the British Museum, so his request to bring written permission from the Antiquities Authority was rejected under the pretext of preserving the valuable fossils. Then he submitted the same request to the American Museum, so the response was the same method and the obvious question here when he refuses to give samples to the students to ascertain the age of the museums and whether they really belong to their dinosaur or to another animal.

However, the surprise that was revealed in 2001 AD was much bigger than that.

 Commercial profits due to dinosaur innovation:

We knew previously that the innovation of dinosaurs contributed greatly to achieving huge profits for British and American merchants and museums, but what is the hidden goal of the Kingdom exploiting the reality of ancient animals and transforming them into what is known as the sticking dinosaur for a period dating back millions of years.

For the Complete Fact Change Matrix of Facts:

This is one chain interconnected with each other, each episode is intertwined with the other, and you can only read it if you are following the Truth of the Full Change Matrix of Facts.

In 1838 AD, Charles Dorne presented his famous theory of natural selection, which is known today as evolution, which 57 researchers from different parts of the world and more than 112 books prove invalid, but it was very necessary to destroy religion and replace it with the worship of pseudo-science without God.

The myth of the dinosaurs came at that time to prove the myth of evolution and that everything came from evolution, nothing more, and until something is proven that cannot be proven, matters must be traced back to distant periods estimated at hundreds of millions of years until the mind takes over quietly and without thinking.

 False facts in history that complement each other:

If we read history from the beginning of the nineteenth century, we will find that things began to be written and prepared, beginning with the pseudoscience of paleontology and the concealment of the reality of giants and then evolution and finally the sphericity of the earth and space. Hundreds of thousands of sections have been written for each of those titles.

Someone might say, how can millions of books from these myths be written if they are not real? The simple answer is that in universities, institutes, and schools all students study on that fictitious hypothesis and each generation provides studies that complement what the previous generation ended up using all sciences, including mathematical sciences. And the physics to develop hypotheses that have been injected into his mind since childhood, and as soon as the generations succeed, the hypotheses become true and without controversy. The greatest example of that is in Western society. If you ask someone from where you came he will tell you evolution from monkeys and if you ask him where the monkeys came from and if you ask him from where The monkeys came, he will tell you that the origin of life started from a contemptible bacterium, and if you ask him from where the bacteria came from, he will tell you from space without returning to the big bang. Fossils, evolution, the sphericity of the earth, space, and the great explosion are all lies that complement each other. We are the path of atheism and the denial of the existence of God And replacing facts with pseudo-science and mixing it with real science, and thus you will be in a circle of loss in which you do not know the truth from deception, and I know that these words did not and will not be believed by the mockers today except in the graves. Perhaps the National scandal will awaken some minds.

National magazine scandal:

In the last years of the end of the twentieth century, new lies emerged from the myths of evolution regarding what they called the tyrannosaurus, they claimed to discover intermediate fossils between dinosaurs and dinosaurs and to deceive the simple that dinosaurs evolved from dinosaurs, as National Geographic magazine adopted and published this campaign and drew fictional pictures of a dinosaur. Feathers, which their painters were inspired by from the excavations, according to their claim, and indeed these pictures made headlines in many countries and stations of the world, and they were given a scientific name resonant, as usual, Archirobator Linings, and they said that he lived 125 million years ago and observed, as we mentioned before, complex names and a dimension Historically large, these are the components of the drug needle, but the most important thing is that all surnames are derived from the ancient pagan Greeks, which first called for minimizing the size of the earth and glorifying the sun. These fossils were called the missing link that covers the holes in the myth of evolution as they cover everything with gravity. They cannot explain it.

 After this funny announcement, Storrs Ellison, a researcher and professor who was considered one of them, uncovered a major case that translated by saying, "I can no longer tolerate being part of this forgery."

In 2001, it appeared using an X-ray tomography that the fossils were fake and fabricated from five separate samples consisting of eighty-eight bones glued with glue and cement skillfully, after this scandal, Nagor magazine, the first financier of evolutionary ideas, recognized that the fossils were fake and that this is intended to preserve On the remainder of the other fossil myths, lending credibility to them, saving the name of the journal, and then accusing China that it was the one who deceived the world and they were just poor, as China planted these fake fossils by proving the theory that says that these fake fossils were planted with proof of theory Which says that dinosaurs have moved between Brazil, China, and Egypt, and once you deceive one, you will believe the rest directly.

But how can a magazine like National Geographic present to the whole world such a false scientific statement as scientific evidence of development that everyone respects, or does the story have a second story?

 After this case, researcher Astor Alsson made another statement to an American newspaper called USA TODAY saying, "The problem is that National Geographic knew at one time that the fossil was fake, but this information was kept secret, but this information was kept secret."

In 2002 National recognized this and professionally justified the matter to preserve its name, the evolution fetish, and the myth of the dinosaurs.

 False media:

These days most people believe to the degree of faith any word mentioned by these magazines, including their channels and platforms, is sufficient for any flags to be published to be an unquestionable scientific fact. If someone comes to them with the truth, they say this is impossible. 

The matter is simply that the concept of a scientific article in the minds of simple people is the one that comes out from the television screens and they do not ask about the sources. It is enough that they heard it or saw it issued by international institutions, but if you came to them with the truth they called and said where did you get this? People have actually become slaves of the black box they do not believe Except for what the great servant tells them, and then they say that they are converted.

To compose the story of dinosaurs with evolution and weave them well, it was necessary to say that they became extinct en masse through a giant meteor, to justify the lack of similarities to them in previous eras as of extinction, and that some of the lizards that we see today are a copy that came from the evolution of the dinosaur and the second goal is to establish The Earth is lost in the void and it is liable to collide at any time with your meteorite, hiding it at any time, as it did with dinosaurs, and until now, people publish the news every time that there is a giant meteor approaching the Earth and it may be the end and the strange thing in the story is that there is something true of this talk.

The veneration of reptiles in ancient religions and modern pseudosciences:

Reptiles played a prominent role in the myths of the ancient world just like the sun, especially in Greek and Egyptian, where the snake appeared in most aspects of societies as a symbol of evil and strength, and to these days we hear every period of a discovery that came by chance because the effect of the word coincidence is strong on hearing and extinguishes Some credibility for the discovery, but China made the topic much deeper than this when it announced in 2019 AD that a ten-year-old child, by chance, discovered a fossilized egg that led to the discovery of a rare dinosaur nest of sixty-six million years old and this discovery is Alleged, it is the latest in the city of Hewan, Gwanjun Province, which is famous for its dinosaur plays, especially the petrified egg. This is not the first time that dinosaur eggs have been found in the city. In 2015, workers found thirty-three fossilized eggs buried in a street that the government placed their hand on to multiply. The price of the shops is tens of times higher, and with this, the myths that were woven decades ago about the life of the dinosaur in China after the fake fossils scandal in 2001 are proven true. But the sad result is, have we become like children when it is said For the child that Santa Claus comes down from the chimney and puts gifts for you and then disappears, he believes these stories without thinking how an adult man can believe everything that he sees black boxes and without the slightest thought.

We leave the judgment to you.

Dinosaur history's great big lie dinosaurs one of the best natural science lies

The shapes and fossils of the so-called dinosaurs are nothing but a trick that came from a basic truth, which is the existence of creatures whose truth, sizes, and shapes are only known to God to serve the project of development towards atheism, falsification of history and change of creation within a matrix that we will reveal later called the Akolin Matrix, which was built on a group of Lies Every lie justifies her sister, beginning with the fact that space came from the Big Bang and the Earth was formed by gravity and creatures emerged from despicable bacteria that evolved over millions of years, and if you doubt this, they will present you with fossils that have modified some of them and made others in art museums by skilled sculptors to change the facts. And writing a false history and the first and last goal remains atheism.

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