Facts of scientist, inventor Nikola Tesla and his inventions part 2

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This is the second part of Nikola Tesla's life. If you have not watched the first part, you must first watch it to understand and relate the upcoming events in this second part.You can read it through this link Facts of scientist, inventor Nikola Tesla and his inventions part 1.
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After we showed you in the first part the story of Nikola Tesla and what Thomas Edison did with him, and revealed to you some of his secret inventions and the real Tunguska incident, we reached the stage of his isolation and alone in his own laboratory.

Confessions of Nikola Tesla:

This is the truth. The superpowers were able to transform the possibility of my invention into a monster that destroys the world, and in another of my secret innovations, I was able to control ships and submarines from a distance of 25 nautical miles. With the power of electromagnetism, I was able to attract and move submarines and ships by means of radio signals sent by them. Throughout the air, I control it like a baby doll, but the army took advantage of this invention and applied it in its military struggles. In my youth, the opportunists took advantage of me and in the height of my giving the army and its deep state took advantage of me.
Confessions of Nikola Tesla

I was assigned the task of creating a device to detect enemy ships and planes, so I invented the radar and scanner for them, and in the twenties of the twentieth century I was able to send very dense electromagnetic waves capable of bending light and wireless fibers around any object, which makes this object completely invisible, that is, simply I could. Hiding things by breaking the light on them , so that they are not seen by the eyes anymore. I called this project "rainbow" or as it is said in English "rainbow" because the government concealed this innovation forever.
My innovations were stronger than the magic of the Old Testament, and with that I do not like war or even armies, they relish the loss of lives and I always wanted to make suggestions to ordinary people, but they were not ready for them unfortunately even though I gave them free energy from the air but from atoms Charged astronomy, no one paid any attention to my inventions. I also transferred medicine to another field by means of x-rays and lasers, and made cars run without fuel. I transferred files, pictures, and even music from one place to another place without a wire, and I was the first to talk about robots. The world must know that technology is not a product of the modern age, so this is what the fools think. Institutions buy new innovations everywhere in the world and keep them secret and every few years they reveal a new innovation and it is nothing but an old thing that people cannot excel and the goal of course is monopoly. The scientific stage and placing it in one direction only, and of course for the service of Uncle Sam.
Most of what you see today in front of you is nothing but a technology that was invented a long time ago, because the deep global state or the third eye currently has innovations that will be announced after five decades or more, and this is how things go in most directions without anyone feeling. People today are looking for love and Lust only.
I will tell you part of the future while I am sitting in my office at the beginning of the twentieth century, and this is not a stoning of the unseen, but rather innovations that we secretly reached and fell into the hands of Uncle Sam.
Electric motors will replace internal combustion engines, and people will be able to talk to each other over long distances using a radio transmitter, and calculators will be loaded in bags, and there will be a unified information system in the world and information and electricity will be sent, not silica, I have created this method myself and will send energy to Remote areas of Earth just as it occurs today at the surrounding wall of ice.
And artificial intelligence will control human life and manipulate people and release energy waves to disrupt electricity and through the ionosphere we will be able to manipulate the climate or even cause disasters.
And at this moment in my life I tended to pay attention to the secrets of the universe and meditate, and it was then that my greatest discovery was born. I discovered the key to the universe.

Theory (3-6-9) :

During Nikola Tesla's research in mathematics, he noticed that the numerical patterns that occur in this existence are double, i.e., two by two, so everything is two pairs. All creatures depend on the forces of the binary system, where the pattern starts from one and then moves to two and then continues to multiply its numbers and numbers Dual
For example: the numbers start with one and then two, then the numbers multiply to four, then eight, then sixteen, thirty-two, sixty-four, then one hundred twenty-eight, and so on.
That is, the origin of this being is due to only one. Tesla noted that the numbers nine, six, and three multiples of them do not exist at all in this series, as if these numbers are freed from that rule.
If we take the twelve decimal numbers and add the ones with the tens, we get the number five and seven. Thus, the basic numbers in the binary group are the one, two, four, five, seven, and eight. As for the numbers three, six, and nine, they do not exist in the binary group and Since these numbers are free numbers, what happens if we multiply them in the same way as the previous one, i.e. if we double the number three, it yields the number six, and by doubling the number 6 it gives us the number twelve, and by adding its ones with its decimals we return to the number three, so if we double the number twelve, the number is twenty-four and by adding The ones with the tens we return to the number six and remain in this closed series indefinitely and it alternates between the two numbers six and three. Tesla noticed the absence of the number nine and its non-appearance, so he applied the same method to the number nine and found the following: By doubling the number nine, we get the number eighteen And by adding its ones with its decimals, we return again to the number nine, and if we lost the product of adding the number nine, the result is thirty-six, and by adding its ones with its decimals, we return again to the number nine, and to verify this rule we double the result again and produce two and Seventy and by adding its ones and its decimals we return to the number nine and continuously.
So he discovered a secret that all multiples of the number nine are nine and that this number is the strongest number among them, and some secret organizations call it the number of enlightenment, so Tesla put it at the top, and as for the numbers three and six, he called them free energy and put them at the base and then he put The typical numbers around them and here he drew a matrix of the universe and the higher energy, as this has become one of the holiest slogans of international organizations from ancient times to today, and we will explain to you the link between them.
By doubling the number one, it produces the number two, and by doubling the number two, it produces four, and by doubling the number four, it produces the number eight, and by doubling the eight, it yields sixteen. The previous method gives the number five and by multiplying the five it yields ten, and adding their ones and their decimals gives the number one.
Here we find that we are in a closed circuit that cannot be broken, and only the upper numbers come out of it, which are three, six, and nine. If we add the number three with six, the number 9 is produced. But if we add the number nine with six, the number is fifteen, and when we add its ones with its decimals, we return To the number six, and if we apply the operation to the number three, we also return to the number three, meaning that the number nine rejects any number, as it is the strongest number and is always on the list. By this, the basic code in Tesla's code is broken down, but does this figure remind you of anything?
Tesla arrived at the concept of the relationship of the universe and free energy, where he found the number nine, the product for himself only, representing the north pole in magnetic energy, which is of negative value, while the numbers three and six exchanged with each other and the two products of the number nine represent the south pole of energy and has a positive value. Tesla into a terrible outpouring of energy the like the world had never known before.
The worrying thing is that this equation is used today to affect minds, especially with music, so we converted these waves into Hertz frequencies as we got music that numbs the brain just like the effect of narcotic drugs, and it is currently called digital drugs, and notice that the sum of the numbers three, six and nine is eighteen, i.e. Nine also.
Tesla points out that the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built on the same numbers six nine three, which are in fact very old energy towers that existed thousands of years ago, and what we have done is to rediscover them, which explains the spread of the pyramids in all countries of the ancient and developed world, meaning that the projects Nikola Tesla to generate electricity, including the Wooden Slave Tower, was built in the way of the pyramids to extract cosmic and terrestrial energy and provide it for free to all peoples of the earth.
After Tesla had access to free and latent energy, he developed super-secret research, which is anti-density aircraft technology, or as the simple called gravity, these planes are known today by people as flying saucers and that after he developed the types of electromagnetic motors that are based on vertical propulsion technology, but these The technology was secretly transferred to the Nazi Red Army, which is a basic fact, although many of the disappeared believe that it is a myth that does not exist.
Most of the documents indicate that Tesla was the one who invented flying saucers, while some researchers say that Nazi scientists relied on Tesla's research in his design, and the only certain fact remains that it exists in our world.
After discovering the matter of flying saucers, the British Ministry of Defense proposed a trick to manipulate the minds of the simple, as it claimed that it had uncovered secret files about the visit of unknown flying objects from other planets to the Earth for the sake of the people’s illusion that these saucers are satellite dishes and thus much ridicule their truth while some of them believe It is not on the ground, and these documents came after the American Admiral Richard Bird revealed the truth of what happened during World War II after the defeat of the Germans. The Nazis resorted to their last base on the land of the ice wall, or what is known colloquially as "South Pole", and there occurred a clash between them and Among the Allied forces in an operation known as Operation High Jump, and it was mentioned that during this operation hundreds of flying saucers were seen with the rank of fighters, and at that time Nazi scientists founded NASA, led by the German scientist Werner Voor Braun, with the aim of discovering other lands after the wall that Tesla was believed to be on. Certain knowledge of his existence, through his previous equations, we find that he was a believer that this land is a closed land from which it cannot be departed.

Tesla questioned Einstein's relativity:

Tesla vs Einstein

But this theory, which the world believes today, as if it were a holy book, does not deceive Tesla's genius, as he considered it an illogical theory and was objecting to Einstein's general and special relativity, and he said at the New York conference on September 11th in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-two. Space cannot be bent according to Einstein’s words because it was created perfectly and without any disparity or lukewarmness and its properties are unknown to us. Tesla said at the time, “I refuse to subscribe to such beliefs, and after three years Tesla returned in a global speech to the New York Sun,” that the theory Einstein's relativism is a mass of errors and deceit that a party wants to impose on simple minds and which are opposed to sound thought and sensible, sensory logic. It is a theory that can only be proven in illusion and deception. "He also told the New York Times," The theory of relativism is like a beggar in the clothes of the bourgeois class. Rich people treated him on the grounds that he was a king and he was nothing but a beggar. "Then Tesla directed his last blow to Einstein that he reached to measure speeds fifty times the speed of light, which destroys Einstein's theory completely, so Einstein then sent a telegram of congratulations on the birthday of Tesla The seventy-fifth congratulates him on his genius and great success, and to note, the physicist Einstein was not a believer in religions, and all of his observations were applied today in NASA films about space and when he was asked about his feeling that he was the smartest man in the world, he said simply ask Tesla about it.

Project (Philadelphia) for the US Navy:

U.S Navy Ship

In the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-three, the US Navy legalized one of Tesla's secret projects and they cooperated with Einstein to implement it. The aim was to implement the rainbow project in hiding ships, which was invented by the genius of Tesla, but the question is will the genius Einstein be able to implement Is this project as successful as Tesla did?
That year , the U.S.S. In order to hide it and then move it to another place by means of electromagnetic waves, and the idea is just like sending files over the Internet, but the result of this experiment was catastrophic, stories say that the ship was subjected to great damage during its transport and that the crew's bodies were attached to the iron hull of the ship and did not survive Only one of them was forced to conceal the incident completely.

The mystery of Tesla's disappearance:

And to these days, the official media considers that the experiment of Philadelphia or the rainbow is nothing but a fairy tale that does not exist. The shocking and strange thing is that in the same year of the experiment, Nikola Tesla disappeared in mysterious circumstances.
The media announced his death from a heart attack, although those close to Tesla confirm that he did not die, but rather his disappearance from his place of residence in the Waldorf Astori Hotel in New York in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-three, specifically from room number three.
On the seventh of January, one thousand nine hundred forty-three, Tesla disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and at the same time the official newspapers announced Tesla's death due to a cardiac arrest, and at that time an unknown body was buried and then burned for lack of identification.
All documents and Tesla's records were completely confiscated and considered as secret state documents, and after a while it was announced that they were only thoughts, and Tesla's secret life and inventions were preserved.
To this day, researchers believe that Tesla's inventions are still mostly secret and are used in prohibited areas only and are not allowed to enter, and among the most secret of them are the transfer of matter from a distance, laser weapons and transformers that hide objects from the eye completely.
The story of Tesla is not an ordinary story. Rather, it is from the third dimension and connects many unknowns in modern technology and it is not easy for people lost in media manipulation to understand it.
Tesla says, "I don't care if they steal my idea, I care that they don't have ideas on their own."
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