Chapter 5 : The Beginning of an Empire

In the previous chapter Chapter 4 : Hell of revenge , we learned how King Frank took revenge and humiliated his enemies in the north and east, occupied their lands and took their king, and the speech he gave to the people of these two kingdoms, which made people fear him.
But King Frank is now expected to be attacked from the West and the South He must secure his victories well and began to think and plan to occupy the Southern Kingdom and the Western Kingdom in order to secure himself and increase his power and hegemony and in order to do this he must ensure the loyalty of the people of the North And the people of the East and its people are personally as the people became suffering because of the war, and here it began with its people, where he ordered the distribution of war earnings to them to make them feel the change and that he fulfills his promises, and indeed his people feel much better as food is available in the markets at low prices ٬ and he canceled Taxes in his kingdom and in the kingdom of the North and East as well, and he began to merge these peoples under one banner so that they all have the same rights and have the same duties, and he developed the roads between the three kingdoms to increase markets and trade.

Chapter Five: The Beginning of an Empire

Indeed, the economy of the three kingdoms became very strong and the material condition of the people improved, and here King Frank became very loved by all the people ٬ and there also became strong loyalty to him, and here King Frank built a very strong army from the three kingdoms, which made the kingdoms of the West and the South unite Together to eliminate King Frank for fear of his oppression with them But King Frank's spies told him everything that happens as both the kingdoms of the south and the west decided to start the attack to surprise the king and therefore King Frank devised a plan to besiege them between two mountains and eliminate them while they were on the way mechanism.
And this is what actually happened, as he besieged and defeated them and was able to become a king over the kingdom of the West and the Kingdom of the South as well, merging them into the rest of his possession and uniting those peoples in the same previous way, and he became much stronger economically, militarily and financially as his army became very strong and loyal From here, the instinct of his love for conquest and expansion of a queen increased, so victory brings another victory and began expanding in control of every kingdom close to him and was able to defeat everyone who confronts him, until he gained control of half of Europe and merged all these lands under one name, which is a kingdom Its great people united called the Kingdom of the Sun.
And he called it this name because it shone brightly from central Europe and extended its influence to all of Europe. All Europe now knows who King Frank is, as news of his victories spread and how he vanquished his enemies in all of Europe. Indeed, there were some who were telling myths about his strength, his brutality, and the severity of His intelligence used to send spies to him in neighboring countries to exclude people from his strength, that he was an extraordinary person and that no one could defeat him, and that he knew what was inside a person just by looking into his eyes ٬ and how he was ruthless to his enemies and that he had no heart when he confronted them.
People used to believe these stories and spread them among them, and even add to the narrator greater myths about the character of King Frank, for this is the nature of people, and King Frank also instructed his spies to make people love him as they fear him, so they tell people how much he loves his people and how he is friendly with them and helps the poor. He wanders without guards and drives the markets and among the peasants in the pastures, and this was a keen intelligence of King Frank.
He also realized that he could not fight the whole world if they united against him, and he was the first to develop a wiser idea and dominate without possessing it.
What is the idea of ​​governing and controlling without having?
It is simply that you own a large part of the lands ٬ and all the other lands, whether far from you or near you, are owned by other rulers, but they fear you and fear you and respect you, so they become without them feeling subordinate to you and carry out all your orders without thinking, and therefore you here own that in the country Without being its actual ruler or indirectly.
This is what King Frank was doing after a series of victories in wars, and after spreading myths about himself to those around him, the kings around him became afraid to confront him and try to move away from his oppression or acquire his enemy with him but they started getting closer to him and gaining his affection and trying to form friendship with him from The way of telegrams and priceless gifts and he used to accept some gifts and refused to make those around him confused in his thinking and about his intentions and what he was planning, and for the owner of the gift to feel that if he accepted it he did not need it, but that he did to the owner of the gift a favor when he accepted it.
King Frank used to hold two very big parties in one year, inviting the kings close to him and the kingdom that he did not invite. His king is still waiting for his turn in the next party, or he still thinks about what has gone wrong? Is King Frank mad at me?
Despite all these victories and the great kingdom that he established, King Frank did not think that he would have a wife or children, as the killing of his parents struck him, so his philosophy was that he should not have a weakness. If he has a wife who loves her or a son related to him, this is a weakness that his enemies or enemies may exploit. He may personally be the victim of this woman ٬ How many women have destroyed palaces with their thrones.
And the goal of those parties that he holds every year is to choose the kings who can be his allies and serve his interests to achieve his dream of controlling the world.

In the next chapter,  Chapter 6 : First ally

We will know which kingdom was chosen first and why was it chosen?
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