Chapter 6 : First ally

In the previous chapter  Chapter 5 : The Beginning of an Empire , we got acquainted with the ideas of King Frank in controlling the world and his philosophy of life, and that he used to hold two parties every year to choose the best kings from his point of view that helped him implement his ideas and serve his interests, and in the last party in the third year, he summoned the selected kings to declare them allies for him.

 First: The Kingdom of Fire:

 Ruling by King Henry and his wife Queen Lara, King Henry was weak in character in front of his wife, Queen Lara, who was characterized by extraordinary beauty, so that they called her Miss Earth, and she was very white as snow with eyes of dark blue and dark black hair and long body Graceful and very intelligent that makes everyone around her want to draw close to her and adore her. All the kings from the kingdoms around her always try to get close to her and satisfy her in any way, so she possesses a strong social intelligence and a strong presence.

Chapter six : First ally

And the reason for her always going to King Frank's parties is to discover his character well and know who this man the legends talk about, and whether or not he has a weakness, and will he try to approach her and miss her like the rest of the kings or not, because she has armed more than once in each A party to which she was invited with the most beautiful clothes and the best perfumes, but the surprise that shocked her was that King Frank treated her like any queen, and moreover, he used to treat her husband, King Henry with respect, and his conversation was always with him and not with her, and this is what made King Henry love King Frank And he appreciates him and increases his loyalty to him because King Henry simply did not treat him in this way before. All the kings close to the Kingdom of Fire know very well that they approach him for the sake of his beautiful wife and then they do not pay him any attention after that, and for this reason King Henry respected King Frank and found in him She wanted him and was keen to attend all his concerts because he felt that he had values ​​with someone else and he had not felt that before, this increases his self-confidence, but King Frank was peeking out at Queen Lara and was deliberately making her notice this so that he would not lose her and even She makes her confused and tries to beat him and get closer to him, so a woman's curiosity kills Dear reader, and let him test the extent of its intelligence and will it weaken? Or is it too tough? When you provoke the pride of a woman, she puts her under great pressure, especially if she is confident of herself. Also, the thing that makes a woman think about a man the most is his ambiguity. In this way, King Henry became like a ring on King Frank’s finger and also trusted him.

At the same time Queen Lara always tries to take his attention and prove to him the extent of her intelligence and efficiency, and for all these reasons, King Frank chose the Kingdom of Fire, but there is another very important reason, which is the geographical location where the Kingdom of Fire was located in a place far from the Kingdom of The sun has seen many seas and the goal is to control and establish relations with civilizations beyond the sun kingdom, and trade and cultural exchange takes place, and this is what actually happened, and one of the most important reasons is also Queen Lara's intelligence and her presence, which will strengthen his relationship with other civilizations and how she has skill In the delivery of any information directly or indirectly, and the delivery of information about King Frank and the extent of his power and the extent of his nobility at the same time so that distant civilizations love him and fear him at the same time as they did with them without realizing it.

And we can say that the kingdom of fire is a kingdom of foreign relations and media of the mother kingdom, and it also had another very important function, which is to stir up seditions and wars from time to time between those distant civilizations to weaken them and also with the aim of selling weapons to them so that it always becomes the kingdom of the sun. The strongest is the one who intervenes to resolve disputes amicably and is also the judge between these civilizations.

In the next chapter:

We will talk about the second ally, who was chosen by King Frank, why the king chose him, and the most important thing that distinguishes him.

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