Chapter Seven: The Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Hope

We learned in the previous chapter :  Chapter 6 : First ally about the kingdom of fire and who ruled it and why the choice of King Frank fell upon it, and in this chapter we will learn about other kingdoms that King Frank chose.

Here the question is: What is the name of the second kingdom and who is its ruler ?!

It is the kingdom of light and it is ruled by King Danny, and the most important characteristic of this kingdom is gold, diamonds, and many treasures. It is a very rich kingdom and the population of its people is not large and all of them are very rich. King Danny from the abundance of treasures that he possesses made his people very rich too that they became no They work and hire workers from the surrounding countries to work instead of them. The abundance of money and the enormous wealth made this people very lazy and live to eat only and not exhaust themselves in thinking.
Chapter seven : The kingdom of light and the kingdom of hope

King Danny is just like his people, but he loved women very much, so he was very fat and overweight, and always liked to joke with others, but he was very silly and thought he was comic, and while King Frank was trying hard to be reasonable, everyone who was in The party was ridiculous, and the audience was wondering how King Frank had invited this person, as he was provoking everyone.

But why did King Frank choose the Kingdom of Light ?!

 In order for you to stand on solid ground with your ally, you must understand him well and know what you want from him and what he wants from you so that the deal is profitable for you, and this is what King Frank did. He knows everything about King Danny in advance and it is true that the Sun Kingdom has sufficient funds and wealth. But also to achieve major projects quickly and to secure yourself and spend on several other projects at the same time, all of these things require money first and foremost and a huge form. King Frank knows that life is very short, and instead of completing your projects in twenty years, you can see it in front of you in Half the time if money is available.
As for King Danny, he was afraid for his kingdom, as it is covetous for everyone around him, and he may lose his kingdom completely because his people are few, lazy and uneducated. They buy everything with their money, so why should I buy protection also with my money to protect my king and of course King Frank was so intelligent that King Danny made He feels that he is the one who needs him and he does not need him due to his strength and because he also has money, which made King Danny do everything in his power to please King Frank and treat him with caution and courtesy to him so that he guarantees the protection he wants for his kingdom, and of course it was one of the king's most important conditions. Frank is for King Danny to implement all the instructions that come to him and to allocate a large land with specific specifications so that King Frank's soldiers reside in it to protect the Kingdom of Light and of course there is in it the most valuable and most valuable things, and everything that these soldiers want is implemented immediately.
 The conditions also stipulate that the Sun Kingdom should take 25% annually of the Kingdom of Light's gains in order to guarantee its permanent protection, and this guarantees the Kingdom of the Sun with very large funds and riches, and in this way King Frank can implement his projects and goals easily without effort or waiting for more time and now. Will recognize.
And now we will get to know the third kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Hope:
It was ruled by King Daniel and his wife, Queen Christine, and they were very compatible and loved each other very much, and even partners in everything. And they were different from the rest of the kings, so their clothes were very normal, which you counted among the common people, and they wore the same clothes as if they were twins who did not separate and no one took any of them. A single decision, even in the simplest things, and they are distinguished from others by their broad imagination and love for science, new inventions, research and development in everything from weapons and equipment to the toothbrush. They love science and development very much, and they taught their people to become like them and always choose the elite of scientists. From their people, to make them close to them, and they always hold contests in research and science to discover distinguished scientists. They also support the world so that its discoveries are successful and they spend almost all of their money on research and development, and for this they do not care about appearances at all.

Why did the choice of King Frank fall on them ?!

Simply because if you want to become strong, you must possess what others do not possess and precede it with steps in order to excel it. Science and development is a very important thing in the life of any civilization that makes it last for longer ages.
As for King Daniel and his wife, Queen Christina, they needed financial support to implement all that is going on inside their heads of development projects, so they could find no better than King Frank who took advantage of this opportunity and opened his arms to them and gave them hope that they will take everything they need to see their ideas light and this is what he dreams about What a scientist can find someone who trusts in him and adopts his ideas and supports them financially and morally so that this world sees his success in front of his eyes, this is equal to the treasures of the earth and I mean here that his project succeeded on the ground and he sees it in front of his eyes and this is what King Frank was well aware of.

Therefore, there must be conditions, the most important of which are:

1- All scientists and researchers are doing their research inside the kingdom of the sun, and they will be provided with full capabilities.
2- Paying attention to developing weapons first and fences to strengthen the defenses.
3- No new invention shall be disposed of except with the knowledge of the kingdom of the sun, meaning that they are not entitled to sell it except with the permission of the kingdom of the sun.
4- Development of the Sun Kingdom so that it becomes a kingdom like it has never been seen before, architecturally and engineering.
5- Weapons are not sold to foreign countries except with the knowledge of the Kingdom of the Sun, and also when developing a stronger and more deadly weapon to ensure lasting supremacy.
The spouses agreed to these terms without thinking ... to be continued

In the next chapter:

We will learn about the rest of the kingdoms and how smart King Frank chose.