Secrets of the seven hidden parallel worlds , multiverse and the hidden five dimensions

what is the theory of multiverse?
Who invented multiverse theory?
How many worlds are there in the universe?
What are the worlds hidden dimensions?

The seven worlds and the five dimensions is a bewildering puzzle that has occupied many people around the world from the first ages to the present day, its secrets kept hidden  and the study of astronomy was famous for it search of the multiverse , but recently five hypothetical theories have appeared that belong to abstract science that study the seven worlds of the great universe and revealed some of its secrets but not all as god has secrets powers which he kept hidden:

what is the theory of multiuniverse?

The Seven Realms Concept:

The concept of the Seven Worlds involves a number of studies on Earth and the universe:

First: With regard to the land:

 Seven lands parallel to each other are referred to.

Second: With regard to the heavens:

 Referred to the seven heavens whose composition only the Creator knows.

In this article, we will discuss the hidden reality about the seven hidden worlds in the universe and explain to you five theories that have sparked controversy in this area.


The theory of the seven worlds is based on the idea of ​​multiple universes, which is a hypothetical group made up of several universes, including our own, and together form the great universe, and this theory is the result of some scientific theories related to quantum theory in cosmology.

Multiverse concept:

Multiple universes or worlds are sometimes called parallel universes, so according to these you assume that our universe or world in which we live may not be the only one, but it is possible that our universe is one of an infinite number of universes  and this is the main secret.

And although this concept may be difficult to believe and may seem naive to some, but there are many independent physical theories that support this conclusion, and in fact, a number of experts believe that the probability of the existence of hidden universe about us is greater than the absence of it. In what follows we will present You have five theories that claim the existence of the multiverse that make up the great universe this is the secret of the universe.

Five theories of multiverse (universes and the deep laws):

First: the theory of infinite universes:

Scientists cannot be sure of the shape of space-time and space-time is the fabric of time and space, but it is likely that it is flat and that in exchange for its shape being spherical or in the shape of a donut and the space-time extends to infinity, but if space-time continues to infinity, it must begin to repeat itself. At a certain point, this is because there are a certain number of ways in which particles can be deposited in space and time.

 So according to this theory, if you look far enough, you will encounter a brother's version of you or an infinite version of you. Some of these twins will do what you do now in your world, and some of them will have put on other clothes for this morning, or they may be completely different from you in his profession or even in his life decisions or maybe you born and die and you will never meet together .

And since the universe that you see extends only to the distance that light enables light to reach within thirteen billion and seven hundred million years, according to the theory of the Big Bang, space-time beyond that distance can be considered a separate universe in its own right, and in this way, there are many universes that exist Next to each other, they form a giant swath of universes, forming the great universe between them.

Second: bubble universes theory:

In addition to the multiverse resulting from the expansion of space-time to infinity, a number of universes may arise from a theory called eternal inflation and inflation is that the universe has expanded rapidly since the Big Bang, and this is what makes a universe balloon like a balloon.

The eternal inflation theory was initially proposed by the cosmologist at Tufts University "Alexander Finken" who suggested that there are some pockets in space that have stopped inflation, and in contrast, other regions have continued to inflate and therefore many bubbles and isolated universes will arise and thus our universe is not Except for a small bubble in a wide sea of ​​space, some of it is still inflating and containing many other bubbles, and in some of these other bubble universes, the laws of physics and basic constants may be different from the opposite, and this is what will make these other universes very strange and for sure.

 Third: the theory of parallel universes and the deep laws :

Parallel universes

Another idea spot the light on the secret parallel universes that comes from superstring theory called membrane worlds and is represented by parallel universes hovering out of our reach. This theory was proposed by the scientist "Paul Steinth" and "Neil Turk" of Brinter's Laboratory of Applied Physics.

The idea comes from the possibility of a greater number of dimensions that we know , which are three for space and one for time. In addition to our three dimensions in space, there are three others that may float in a place or space that is high.

The physicist "Greeny" from Columbia University explains this idea to us in his book. She says that our universe is likely to be one of several universes, each circling in a space of higher dimensions and their totals form parallel universes, and there are those who suggest that these universes may not always be parallel. They could even collide with each other to recreate the Big Bang, which will reshape the universes over and over again.

Fourth: the theory of the universes children:

The theory of quantum mechanics proposes another way for the existence of the multiverse. This theory sees the universe through probabilities rather than specific results. The mathematical results of this theory suggest all possible accidents in the event of something happening and each in its special being separate from the other.

For example :

If you reach a crossroads where you can go left or right, the present universe gives two children to the right and to the left.

That is, universes, according to this theory, multiply.

 Fifth: the mathematical theory of the universe:

Scientists have debated whether mathematics is simply a useful tool for describing the universe or is really a fundamental fact in itself. Our observation of the universe is to incomplete representations of the true mathematical nature of the universe. If the theory is correct, then perhaps the mathematical structure that makes up our universe is not the only option.

Consequently, all major structures that exist across from it are their own.

the mathematical theory of the universe

How did the theory start?

The scientist Huievert, who was a PhD candidate from Princeton University in 1954 AD, came up with the idea that there are exactly parallel universes that resemble ours, and that all these universes have a relationship with us and are originally universes that are branched from us, while our world or universe is also branched off from other universes.

Levels of parallel universes:

The first level: beyond our cosmic horizon :

The universe or the world extends to infinity and its structure is the same, so there are spheres of other universes that are infinite as well in their number outside the sphere, which is our universe.

Second level: other inflated bubbles :

The universe is a spherical bubble and it belongs to a larger universe that contains a number of other universes or bubbles.

Level Three: The Many Worlds of Quantum Physics :

According to the theory of the scientist Hugh Everett that the occurrence of any random event gives a probability among several other possibilities, which means that other possibilities, may have occurred in universes parallel to our universe or world , meaning that there is a universe for each of the expected possibilities.

Fourth level: other mathematical constructions :

It means that the basic physics equations are different. The assumptions mean that mathematical existence is the physical existence in the main structure of physics in our universe. It may be matched by a different interface in each planet.

In the end, we hope you enjoyed this interesting topic and await your opinions on it , still the world is full of mystery secrets and we will reveal more hidden secrets about the hidden world.