Success life story of Bill Gates the world's most successful one Microsoft

Who is Bill Gates and what is his role in the last stage?

If you ask the public, they will say the owner of Microsoft, and specialists will know him as the man of the twenty-first century, but those who know the truth of the matter will be silent.

How can a young man at the beginning of his life establish the largest software company in the world?

And who is the hidden man in his tumultuous success Behind the bill gates?

And the strangest question is, how did he abandon his kingdom so easily, or does the story have yet another dimension?

In this article, we will highlight secret files and reveal to you facts that will be presented for the first time, bill gates success from the empire of Microsoft to the golden number and the kingdom of biological real estate, to tell you the full story of Mr. William Henry Gates, the story of the invisible hand and the man of the last stage.
Success life of bill gates

On the early twenty-eighth of October 1955, in a neighborhood of the city of Seattle in the state of Washington, William, known as Bill, was born from American parents, William Gates and Mary Maxwell Gates, who is of Irish-Scottish origin and he holds the fourth title in his family, but his father gave him up A nickname for William to become known as the hidden empire Bill Gates, and they believed that the roots of his family go back to the ancient lodge of Scotland, as all his grandparents held royal and high political positions from the era of the British Kingdom to the American Empire, as his father was a governor and a member of the Washington state legislature and his grandfather was a vice president of a bank While his father was a prominent attorney, his mother held a management position at the University of Washington and was a prominent member of the boards of local organizations.

After young Bill finished elementary school, he enrolled in Lakeside Preparatory School, where he was proficient in mathematics and science, but the spring of 1967 AD made a fundamental difference in his life when the school borrowed for the first time a computer, which was considered a magic machine that stole the hearts of students at that time, including Bill, who is thirteen. A year-old who spent most of his time in the computer room preoccupied with writing programs and applications, the degree to which he neglected his duties and forgot his life sometimes until he met his success friend Paul Allen, who will have a prominent role later in life of bill gates.

Lakeside Programmers Group:

In that year in his early life, a local company known as the Computer Center Corporation appeared to provide students with more skills and time to deal with the computer, which was running at the time in the BD Bit system, but from Bill and Paul we were able to break the protection of the system and modify it, and then they made an offer to the company to fill its gaps and Developing it with two other colleagues, the Foundation agreed to their request and decided to give them this opportunity to form the four students to a group called Lakeside Programmers. This opportunity provided them with the ability to study system programs and gain extensive experience in programming languages ​​to be the first major nucleus in Bill Gates' empire bill gates success story.

Traf or Data Company:

A few years later, and in high school, a strong friendship arose between Bill and Paul, coupled with the same approach and ideas, but Paul was superior to Bill with intelligence and experience, so Bill took advantage of this matter and set up a small company with his friend they called Traf or Data, and in the first year it achieved a profit and Twenty thousand US dollars.

In 1973, Bill joined Harford University, but in that year something happened that changed the course of his life forever. While Paul was heading to visit Bill Gates, he stopped in front of a small store and saw an electronic magazine on its cover, an image of the TIR 8800 computer, the first microcomputer dedicated to commercial purposes, appeared, so Paul bought the magazine and He ran off to see Bill, and the two quickly realized that this computer had the biggest opportunity they had dreamed of.

A few days later, Bill called Bates, the company that produced the Tear computer, and told him that he and his colleague Paul had now developed a special computer system written in the Basic programming language, and this was the big lie, as he is accustomed to trickery in order to reach his goals.

The truth is that both Gates and now, when they told the company that they owned a computer system, they had not written a single line of code for it, yet they were able to deceive the company that agreed to meet with them and try the new system, and in just three weeks, they wrote an integrated software system.

In mid-February of the year 1975 AD, Paul Allan went to the Mets Company to display the operating system, which had achieved great success and without any errors, then Bill left Harford University and moved to work with Paul in software development as if the future lies in the software market, then the first step towards Microsoft's empire begins.

The beginning of the foundation of Microsoft Corporation :

In the middle of 1975 CE, Bill Gates and Paul now set up a private business company to develop programs and operating systems, where Bill owned 60% of the company’s size, while Paul was limited to the remaining 40%. The reason for this was that Bill devoted himself to fully managing the company while Paul was still an employee. At Mets, and after one year, the company was legally registered, and their profits in the first year amounted to one hundred and five thousand US dollars.

Microsoft has had its success :

Founder of Microsoft Company Bill Gates

Bill Gates was not just an amateur of software, but he was a cunning person who knew very well how to manage deals and move things in his favor. In 1980 AD, IBM started a huge project known as the Manhattan Project to manufacture a personal computer known as the IBM computer, and in order to write success for this computer, it must be It includes an operating system, so the company asked for help from the genius Bill Gates, Bill felt at the time that there was a great opportunity to achieve a revolution and global hegemony that might make him the most famous and richest man in the world, so he and his friend Paul bought the full rights to the ready-made operating system from systems developer Ten Patterson for fifty Only one thousand US dollars, Microsoft did not know that the Seattle company, which owns the rights to this system, about the real reason for the purchase, and only doubled the selling price twenty times, and at the same time Bill Gates agreed with IBM that Microsoft would be the exclusive provider for all computers affiliated with I In other words, IBM is prohibited from contracting with any other software company in order to purchase operating systems for its products, and in return Microsoft has the right to reserve full rights to sell and develop its operating system for individuals or other companies.

It was a very cunning game from Bill Gates who took advantage of the company's need for operating systems in order to dominate the software market, and after a short time the company Microsoft put a version of the operating system on the market with a new name, MS DOS.

In 1981, he made it an attractive system and available to all companies and individuals, founder bill gates announced campaign was to end the monopoly of software, but he aimed to build a huge base for users of Microsoft products, thus becoming the main provider for all users in America and the world, and this is what happened literally and in a way deep.

One year after the start of the influence of Microsoft, Paul submitted his resignation from the company and mysteriously, and it was said at the time that he had contracted Hochgun's disease, a rare type of cancer, so that his name disappeared from the company and forever and Bell became the only emperor in the software market in the world.

One year after this incident, his hatred of American society increased greatly, especially after the issues of monopoly and greed that he practiced with some people and companies.

Apple Company :

In the midst of his euphoria with his sweeping success, he faced a giant that was never expected, which is the Apple company founded by Steve Jobs. He is an American of Syrian origin, and he is the first to introduce a computer with a graphical side known as the Macintosh, as it was a technological revolution in the era of the eighties and came close to the overthrow of Microsoft .

At the time, Bill felt the danger of the situation, so he arrived with Steve Jobs asking him for a license for the idea of ​​the graphical interface, so Steve agreed to him for the external license only without the content, so Microsoft in 1985 AD introduced a new system called Windows and wrote the GUI graphical application interface in it and was inspired by the Xerxpark system in addition to some Interface parts in Yahoo's system, and then it developed a digital portal that helps in moving between files and windows, now known as the mouse, but the first system failed to confront Steve Jobs' ideas, so it launched a new version called Windows Two, but this time it was a rusty stealing of ideas and content. Macintosh.

In 1988, Steve Jobs filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, accusing it of stealing some of the elements of the graphical application interface for the Macintosh interface and using it in the Windows operating system two, and after a long debate in the case and asked Steve to present clear elements of theft from the application interface, the company presented a list It consists of one hundred and eighty-nine elements, which is sufficient to withdraw the Windows system from the market and close the company. After a long study of this list, the court ruled that one hundred and seventy-nine elements from this list are entitled to Microsoft's reuse based on the agreement concluded between the two companies in 1985 And the case was closed in an atmosphere of amazement by the global and local public opinion. With this, Microsoft took its leader Bill a great step on the back of the genius and the real dancer of graphic interface systems, Steve Jones.

Ten years after this incident, specifically on May 12, 1998 AD, the US Department of Justice and twenty other states filed civil lawsuits against Microsoft accusing it of monopolizing the software market and integrating its Internet browser with the operating system. The court ruled this time against Bill Gates and But this ruling was nothing but a mere blackout on what happened in 1988 with Apple, and with that, Microsoft continued year after year to issue successful copies of the Windows version until today it reached the windos 10 system and became the global monopoly of systems in the world despite the rise of apple systems It is known as iOS and linox systems, but this only takes a small share of Microsoft's share in the world.

Bill married Melinda Gates in 1994 and had three children with her and held the title of the richest man in the world. His fortune in 1999 was estimated at eighty-five billion US dollars, but today it has exceeded one hundred and nineteen billion US dollars.

the Bill and Melinda Foundation for Charitable Works :

The bill and Melinda foundation for charitable world

Despite the image of billionaire bill gates as a man of genius, his name in America was tinged with many titles, the least of which was the word greed or the devil. Therefore, in 2000 AD, he established the Bill and Melinda Foundation for Charitable Works, and in this year literally the second phase of the Bill Gates story began and his orientations changed profoundly Bill gates is one of the billionaires who see the necessity of reducing the world population, developing climate manipulation technology, genetic genetics, and understanding epidemics and geological diseases. The stage of secret research has begun in African lands, and here we reach the end of the first part of Bill Gates’s success story secrets in his life.

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