Top Success Secrets of Elon Musk business space x and tesla motors

Nanoscale chips in human minds, missile flights, and money. These three sentences are not a summary of what we will present in this article, but rather the alternate name of a person who was said to be an oddball named "Elon Musk". And we will reveal top elon musk productivity secrets for insane success.

A story with many ambiguities, in which an unknown young man appeared, working in developing games and websites, suddenly turning to nanoscience and sky conquest projects and becoming one of the most famous personalities in the world, which made his closest relatives wonder.

Who is Elon Musk? How do he became one of the richest people in the world?

What is the X project and the nanostarticles in the human body and what is their relationship to the fifth generation networks, genetic manipulation, and even the theory of the golden billion?

Is eccentric billionaire elon musk really a dreamer seeking fame and money? Or will the secret papers reveal the hidden?

Top Success Secrets of Elon Musk

In one of the most common matters among people today, now elon musk has just become the richest billionaire  we will open a deep side in the character of the so-called mask to tell you one of the most important secrets to success our modern world. This is the story of Elon Musk, the mysterious character of the third forum and the secrets of Project X.

Who is Elon Musk?

An investor, engineer and inventor, this is how the Canadian businessman who obtained American citizenship and was born in South Africa in 1971 is known.

The upbringing of Elon Musk:

Where he was the eldest son of model Mary Musk and engineer Elon Musk, and he has a younger brother and sister and also has a half-brother, Musk lived a very turbulent life due to his parents' divorce and fear of the future, which prompted him to isolation, introversion and love of reading, especially stories Science Fiction .

secrets behind Elon Musk :

Elon was raised on the philosophy of the chemist Isaac Asimov, which he believes in until now, which says, "You must take many measures and actions that will prolong civilization and reduce the likelihood of a dark age." Figures of the world, on top of them Elon Musk.

Success from the childhood :

At the age of ten, Musk developed his interest in computing and learned the programming language on his own and without an assistant, and after only two years he began his success and sold basic programming code for a video game he made himself called Blastar for a magazine called PC and Technology Office for about five hundred dollars, which is unbelievable. That this amount later turns into billions of dollars.

First success Elon Musk Company ZIP 2:

In 1992, Elon’s story began to be written quietly at the University of Pennsylvania, in which he obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics and economics, and for money, he and his colleagues, Penrice, transformed ten bedrooms in university rooms into secret nightclubs in which they practiced immoral work.

And after a period of time, he was able to get enough money to establish Zip 2 with his brother Kinbal, a website programming company, which was also helped by a small group of angel investors aiming to market and manage a directory of local newspapers.

Musk wanted to become the CEO of the company, but none of the board members agreed to that because of his history at the university, so he was able to get contracts with the New York Times and the Chigo Tribune, and in just two years, the company began to appear in the field of business.

Beginning of owning money:

In 1999, Compaq bought Zip2 for three hundred and seven million US dollars, and Musk’s share of the company’s sale amounted to about twenty two million dollars from a 7% stake. Elon had never dreamed of this amount before in his life, but that he actually got income. In the world of money.

Elon Musk's creation of x dot com:

At the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new century, Musk co-founded, a financial company that enables people to bay for any things through the internet online elon musk participated in the amount of ten million dollars, and one year after the establishment, the company merged with the Confiniti Company, which was already using a transfer service. The money is called PayPal. After its merger, the company focused on this service.

And in 2001 AD the company was completely called PayPal, but Elon used an illegal method as trade secrets in his marketing campaign known as viral marketing, whereby the advertisement in the e-mail re-sent itself to all the e-mail addresses registered with you as if you did that, and the company has actually succeeded. In gaining a lot of new customers in a short time and without much money, but PayPal relieved him of his post after discovering a secret behind elon musk that he is dealing with Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, in transferring the company's system from Linux to Windows.

Elon Musk

In spite of his twisted and illegitimate ways to earn money, but he was very lucky. In October of 2002, the ebay company bought PayPal B in the amount of one billion and a half billion dollars, and Musk’s share at this time reached one hundred and sixty million dollars because he was the largest shareholder in The company has shares that amounted to 11% of the company’s shares. Thus, Elion’s accounts speak for money.

Elon Musk's obsession with space (space x project ) :

Musk was a fan of science fiction movies and his suspenseful stories, especially with regard to the conquest of the sky and travel to the planets, and in the same manner that is based on circumvention and deception, Elon launched a strange project in 2002 AD known as Space X in order to gain fame and rapid appearance. And he knows the annual profits of NASA, which was estimated at eighteen billion dollars in 2001 AD. Science fiction films and space attract many people, so Elon wanted to hit two birds with one bird "money and a month" and for quick access, space films must be raised. By promoting the experimental and mini-landing project and plant cultivation on Mars in a tale that even people did not dare to do at that time for fear of the follow-up of the matter and the reopening of the lie of landing on the surface of the moon.

Elon Musk pressured NASA to support a project:

Musk asked for funding for the project, but he refused because the government knew that it was just commercial propaganda, and since the matter was related to NASA, Musk bought cheap missiles from Russia and produced movies identical to NASA, but he returned empty-handed, so the Russians refused this matter and declared it as secrets. Military, so Eleon was in a lot of despair, and during his return to the house he realized a new way to play and pressure the governments, as he revealed a very dangerous secret about the NAS space agency when he announced that building a missile from NASA or the Russians could represent only 3% of the selling price to people That is, NASA profits 97% of each missile, for example if the price of one missile is one hundred million dollars, then the NASA company profits ninety seven million dollars, and these profits are recovered from the people in the form of taxes, for it is the most profitable trade that humanity has ever known, and this What the scientific advisor to former US President Donald announced when he stated that NASA is stealing the money of the American people.

With this in mind, Elon advertised Space X at a cost of 97% less than NASA's missiles, and after this announcement, NASA supported the Space X project with an amount of three hundred million dollars to silence Elon, so he directly justified the low price of his missiles and the high cost of NASA's missiles in a clever and cunning way. In it, he said, "He produces about 85% of the launch devices within the company using the standard approach to modern software engineering," meaning that he possesses a technology higher than NASA's technology as he describes it, as Elon was very clever in balancing with the deep state to allow him to enter space films and give him a large group. From the engineers, the prevailing belief that he is an inventor is nothing but a media name, no more than he is a man who is fully subject to hierarchical organization, he was given the green light and went out on the screens saying that one of his goals is to reduce the cost and improve reliability to reach space for ten times and that he wants to travel to The space for anyone who wants that is why he not only hit two birds with one stone, but also threw an entire swarm with one stone.

 In 2004 AD and 2005 AD, people began to ask about this great technology that Elon spoke about, which put people in a scientific dilemma, but what happened after that was really embarrassing, as NASA announced its scientific, material and technical support for the company Space X, which did more than One hundred launches, of which 90% failed, which forced him to make a false declaration in 2008 AD that he was bankrupt in order to get rid of the prosecution of companies that invested in space films with Elon and NASA, but according to the Wikileaks files, it was revealed that his revenues reached about twelve billion US dollars from the illusion trade. And imagination in the minds of the public.

And he had an effective role in introducing the world into the fifth dimension and dreams, there are many who believe that he will live on Mars soon, and it is the same approach that people are doing now. Through simple dreams, it achieves money and more tricks of the shadow government and the deep state are entrenched, which made Elon Musk stronger. Personalities of the last hierarchical forum.

entrepreneur Elon Musk's investment in Tesla Motors:

In 2003, during Elon’s dreams in space, an electric car company, Tesla Motors, was established by Martin Abrahand and Mark Tarbiny, and if you asked any businessman how to lose money quickly, he would tell you to establish a car company, this is a market rule that rules the elite of the world’s members and the information that may shock you is that The last success of an independent car company was for Chrysler in 1925, but someone like Elon Musk is not stupid and accustomed to catching birds with one shot, as he entered this field for several goals, the most important of which is passing the huge profits of Space X and investing in a field that the elite will definitely support.

In 2004, depending on the research of the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla in the field of free energy, Elon entered the company as an effective investor and took the position of CEO of the company with the position of the product engineer after the financial crisis that struck the world in 2008 AD and announced the first model of his luxury car under the name of Tesla Roadster At a price of one hundred thousand US dollars and the percentage of profits was five times more than the cost of production, but people were not deceived by it and the marketing failed, so he had to launch a new model called Model S at a price of seventy five thousand US dollars and higher specifications, and this time focused on a manipulative advertisement With the mind and convinces the buyer that it is the car of the future and one of the most skilled of Elon, the owner of the mask in the art of manipulation, but nevertheless he also failed and the reason is that the idea of ​​space films that helped him in the success of Space X was entrenched in the public minds that it needs more time to brainwash about future cars And pay the price of more than five hundred percent.

Elon was exposed to a great shock, despite the support of the hierarchical organization, he suffered huge losses, so he put Tesla shares on the stock exchange at a price of only seventeen dollars and launched a promotional campaign claiming that he would send people into space, so all of his company’s stock rose dramatically and he was able to earn two hundred and thirty A million dollars in just a few days.

In 2012, the Model S of the electric car was launched at a price of only thirty thousand dollars, seventy thousand dollars less than its previous price, and it also manufactured and sold electrical power generation systems to charge cars.

The concept of hyperloop and its use in transportation:

On August 12, 2013, Musk unveiled the concept of a hyperlong, which is a high-speed transportation system that includes low pressure tubes based on a capsule and a ride gasket powered by an engine and air pressure, and a primary transportation system linking Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay is being implemented.

Elon Musk created the open A I :

And after two years, Musk built the company Open AI for artificial intelligence research and said that it is a non-spiritual organization that aims to develop artificial intelligence in a safe and beneficial way for humanity that will have great relevance to future events related to the nanoscale, but with my very dangerous secret project, we will Mentioned shortly after.

The shares owned by Elon Musk in Tesla's shares reached twenty-eight million of them. Buy them at a near-free price, while the market value of the company reached six hundred and fifty billion US dollars, that is, in just six years, he earned more than one hundred and twenty billion US dollars through the stock trick. In doing so, he was able to funnel the profits of Space X through Tesla.

Secrets of the golden billion theory:

The strange thing here, which is what people do not notice, is that all the richest people in the world, after reaching the super-rich, are trying to apply Robert Martus's theory, which is based on the fact that the world's population does not exceed a billion people, or what is known as the golden billion, and each of them has a different way, as Bill Gates did when he turned Surprise a biological scientist, and along the same lines, Elon will do his own way.

Elon Musk founding neuralink company:

Elon Musk brain chip

In 2016, Musk co-founded Duralink, a neurotechnology company that aims to connect the human brain with artificial intelligence. The company, which is still in its early stage, focuses on making devices that can be implanted in the human brain. He justified, saying, “It is a chip to develop the human brain and to help humans to improve memory. And allowing brains to communicate directly with computers.

Reject Elon Musk's chip:

After this announcement, the society turned to a demonstration against this technology and its shares were subjected to a significant decline due to the anger of the people in America and Europe, and they accused him planning a revolution against human nature, transferring it to the world of transhumanism, while others accused him of having crossed all moral barriers. The world is governed by rules. The governing forum and mind control, and it is not surprising that the one who helped him to fly this was Microsoft Labs, that is, his great friend Bill Gates, who considered it a paradigm shift towards making the world as one village, and he focused here on terminology in order to understand.

After this wave of anger, Musk brought pigs and tried the slices on them, saying, "There is no danger from them and you can remove them whenever you want", which increased people's anger as he says that as long as the pig did not harm him, it will not harm you, that is, he made evidence The genetics of humans and pigs are in one area and this is not surprising, but most people are oblivious.

The chip that turned the world is a little larger than the size of a coin and the idea that it is not only related to the chip, but in a huge number of electrodes, as it contains one thousand and twenty-four electrodes that will be implanted in the brain and will allow the control of nerve impulses and thus control of the human being remotely.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that the chip is safe, and it was stated in the report, after the experiment, that it was found to be safe for pigs and therefore safe for humans, and it is installed after cutting a portion of the skull and then implanting the chip in the brain.

Elon attempts to promote a mask slide :

And in order to convince people of it, there must be a bright announcement, where Musk talked about a promising possibility that it can cure diseases and help paralyzed people and measure temperatures, pressure and movement, and these are the evidence that can warn you of a heart attack or stroke. In order to convince people of it, some advantages must be given. With science fiction and illusion, brainwashing, as Elon Musk says that his nanoscale enables intellectual telepathy, that is, you and your friend can talk without speaking, but by cerebral telepathy and also will allow control across the brain in storing memories and domain relationship A very wide range of psychological and neurological diseases, then Musk jumped into another, more exciting idea, which is that docking with a machine is the best weapon to counter the control of artificial intelligence in the future.

But all those beautiful words did not pursued people, but rather increased their fear more than the slide, so there was a need for something greater to accept.

Exploitation of the Covid-19 virus to promote the Elon Musk slide, in cooperation between Bill Gates and Elon Musk :

After the emergence of the Covid 19 virus, people were told that the only way to eliminate it is the vaccine by developing Bill Gates and the slide of Elon’s plans, but this time the idea of ​​placing it in the head to the arm in cooperation with Mr. Bill was modified so that he succeeded in cultivating it with more than ten million people around the world In the United Arab Emirates, it has implemented the first executor of orders and the media radio for Western plans, so that signals are sent to it via the fifth generation that interfere with the signals of the nerve impulses of the brain and affect them, thus completing the initiation between Bill and Elon, the executives of the hierarchical organization projects through networks The new generation, the fifth generation, the chip and the blue beam, that is the new trinity.

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