What is charisma ? secrets to get charismatic leadership personality ?

What are charismatic traits?

What does charisma mean?

Which personality traits define charismatic leaders?

Is it possible to develop charisma?

The word charisma goes back to a Greek origin and means divine preference or gift, and I used this word to express the talents and supernatural qualities that characterize some people who have a strong attraction and accept from others wherever they go, and they also have an influence on others physically and Intellectually, and even emotionally, on the positive and negative sides so charisma is a certain quality of an individual personality.

Secrets to get charismatic leadership personality

Persuasion and leadership:

A charismatic person can convince others of his point of view, and he is often a very popular leader. This person is not only good, but there are evil charismatic personalities.

There are some synonyms for charisma, including strength of personality and charisma.

And the characteristic of charisma can be innate and represent 50% or acquired in the same proportion as it arises as a result of cultural conditions and life experiences that people go through, and charisma means intellectual aspiration or creativity and the ability to analyze ideas and transfer them to others in a smooth way.

Charismatic personality characteristics (personality traits) :

First: the ability to persuade and control.

He has advantages that make his ability to persuade people very easy, as he can control them with his charisma and that will develop his leadership with charismatic authority and  power.

Second: a personality imitated by others.

The whole world is always paying attention to charismatic personalities, whether they are politicians, religion, sports, or any field, and you find that they are trying to imitate them and imitate them.

Third: activity and quick spontaneity.

A charismatic person is a naturally energetic person who has a high capacity for focus that makes him quick-witted and quick to act, whether in words or deeds.

Fourth: a social person liked by the people around him.

People always feel the sincerity of charismatic people, they are natural and very persuasive, and this makes people love them.

Fifthly: He loves to challenge and always develop and change.

He always strives to develop himself and to be better and better and de, whether in his personality or work or in public life and his dealings with other people, which makes him get acquainted with many people and analyzes their personality and deals with each character in a way that suits its thinking and character, so that any personality can do whatever he wants, whatever it is. Print and think of this character.

Sixth: Enjoys culture and thoughtfulness.

Because he seeks to develop himself, as we said in the previous point, this gives him a culture and depth of thinking, which increases his attractiveness and charisma.

Seventh: He can convey his message by hinting.

because he has a position and has spoken to him  which is one of the leadership characteristics.

Eighth: He is distinguished by his self-confidence and is able to speak fluently.

And this confidence in a very natural confidence in his instinct and not acquired, and this is what makes him speak fluently and gains the love of people and their dazzle with his self-confidence, and he always makes sure that confidence does not reach vanity, but rather it is a natural confidence that does not harm anyone and only increases his attractiveness.

Ninth: He has the skill of listening to others, so he can organize his time and the time of others.

This characteristic is one of the most important skills which  is very useful to him because whenever you listen to the person you are talking to, you can understand him and understand his thinking, principles, and character, and based on it, you can build a basis for how to convince him of any idea you want, and here the poetry you are talking to feels how smooth your words are and your ability to persuade him and how You are honest and charismatic    that leads you to be a professional leader.

Tenth: He has insight into the feelings of others.

A charismatic person is an intelligent person who acquires every day in every interaction with any person the ability to analyze the person who talks with him and benefits from everyone who passes in front of him in his life, so you find that he has insight into the feelings of others in the sense that he can understand what the other is for him or what others have for each other.

Fields where the charismatic personality appears:

It appears in many fields examples of charismatic people , for example in the struggle of states and politics. Mahatma Gandhi appears in religion and in religion, many advocates and sports, like many football players and of course, famous singers and films.

How to become more charismatic leadership personality?

Secrets to gain charisma:

how to be charismatic ? what is charisma?

First secret: avoid blind imitation of others.

You must have an independent personality that does not imitate anyone, but rather makes others seek to imitate you, by your intelligence in dealing and when talking.

Second secret: Be confident in yourself and seek self-esteem and fulfillment.

Your confidence must be natural and emanate from within you and not be pretentious or excessive in order not to alienate you from others, but rather you have to trust your abilities and your personality and appreciate yourself well so that others appreciate it.

Third secret: Work to accept others of all sects without discrimination.

Acceptance of others is one of the most important things that makes people love you, so you have to accept others with all that they are.

Fourth secret: Always try to relax in various situations.

Calmness and relaxation are the most important weapon for charismatic people, as they do not get excited or rushed into any action or speech, but rather think calmly.

Fifth secret: Have strong feelings and overflowing.

You should have a feeling for others, meaning that you share a different situation with others, and your feelings should be sincere and strong.

Sixth secret : Try to synchronize your body language with your dialogue.

Body language is one of the most important steps that you have to acquire if you are not taking it according to your nature, as it makes you easy to understand from others, as it facilitates the way for you to convince them of anything without a great burden, as it also makes it easier for you to understand the body language of others and what their stance on your actions or your speech and then You can deal with them and convince them in an easier way.

Seventh secret: Think carefully before speaking.

One of the most important steps, since he who does not think before speaking cannot have any charisma.

Eighth secret: Practice to be able to persuade others.

The ability to persuade coincides with your charisma, so you have to balance the two because they go in succession. He who has charisma can persuade and who can persuade has charisma  that’s the best way for developing charisma.

The ninth secret: accept criticism from others.

Whenever someone criticizes you, try to benefit from this criticism and develop yourself, but you should not accept any offensive criticism, so it must be constructive criticism.

Tenth secret: Always be patient and keep your smile at all times.

Smiling is the key to hearts, and how many people have gained its attraction only from their smile, for it is like an infection that spreads happiness and reassurance among people involuntarily, and it must be accompanied by patience, meaning that you do not rush in your reaction or your speech, so smile first, thinking, then the appropriate response.

Eleventh secrets: Be kind to others.

Do not try to harm anyone because this will affect you before it affects the other person. It will make you diminish your personality and your confidence in yourself, and here you will lose your psychological peace and then lose your charismatic.

Twelveth secret: Be moderate in optimism.

Always be optimistic, but do not be anxious about any situation that happens with you, as every situation is a new lesson in life from which we learn wisdom and increase our personality strength and give us the necessary experience in life to have charisma.

Charisma Benefits:

1- Ease of convincing others of your personal opinions and ease of influencing them.

2- You become a leader from the point of view of those around you.

3- Excellence and success in various aspects of life.

4- Increase the number of your fans and followers.

5- You will be able to take responsibility.

6- A person who is flexible in dealing with others, whether at home or at work, hurries you.

7. It becomes easier for you to accept other people's ambiguities.

8- It makes you able to define goals and higher values ​​and work to achieve them in a practical way.

In the end, I hope that you will implement these steps to become charismatic, and let your friends know about this article friends it may help them to develop their charisma and be the best leaders.